Python Coding Notes

Aug. 26

  • Looking at July route 10236 stop 3458. What does it have departures in both directions? - Figure this out… check Aug. 27
  • I was planning to modify to show associated departures (for june/july data anyways)

Aug. 27

  • Got a preliminary plot_stops working.
  • Also looked at the departures_per_hour code for the open datasets, and examined departures at stop 3458 on July route 10236. I discovered that the stop at the "end of the line" had duplicate departures, one with direction 0 and another with direction 1. Stops befoer it had direction 0 and stops after it had direction 1. I fixed up the key handling in the TransitTrips() class to account for this, and I think its now working better.
  • I also modified the departures_per_hour code for the open datasets and just count the departures in the 30 minutes before and after the target time to get the departures per hour. This is more reliable than measuring the interval between two departures.

Aug. 28

  • Attempt to do a simple frequency heatmap for BRT data and July data. The BRT heatmap looked reasonable but the July data had one cell with a huge score that seemed to drown out the others. No time to investigate

Aug. 29

  • Modified the heatmap to accept max_score. Got a decent difference heatmap between BRT and July. Updated a couple more routes. Next step… maybe make a mode 5 that includes a distance decay and see what that looks like.

Aug. 30

  • Implemented a decay function, "crow_250" which means euclidian distance (as the crow flies) with a butterworth dpass of 250. Right now it is only applied to the "departures per hour" score
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