Accessibility - Proximity To Stops

The images below illustrate all active stop locations (overlayed on all routes). Active stops are those that actually serve one or more routes. There are stops defined in the databases that do not currently serve any routes.

Stop/Route Locations

  • 2017 (i.e., June 2018 and earlier) -1466 Active Stops
  • 2018 (i.e., July 2018 and later - 1444 Active Stops
  • BRT - 768 Active Stops

The following three images show the routes and stops for 2017, 2018, and BRT. Note that not all stops for the BRT system have been assigned.


Above are the June Stop locations


Above are the July stop locations. Some changes in the northeast area are noticable


Above are the proposed BRT stops. Note: At this time this image was generated, not all stops have been assigned

Accessibility Heatmaps

The following three images illustrate the simplest possible heatmaps. These are just proximity to stops. For example, if an area is within 400 m of one active stop, it has a score of 1. If it is proximate to 2 active stops, it has a score of 2, etc. The plots are normalized by maximum score (i.e., scoren = score / max_score ) such that the max score in each plot is 1.0. This must be considered when visually comparing the plots.

Mode 1

  • buffer: 400m circle
  • stop pruning: no
  • distance decay: no
  • stop demand: 1.0
  • Added BRT stops: No

Above: Heatmap for 2017. Average Score: 8.53


Above: Heatmap for 2018. Average Score 8.20. The average score decreased with the July 2018 changes


Above: Heatmap for BRT. Average Score: 5.00

Accessibility Changes

Keep in mind that the accessibility heatmaps on this page consider only proximity to stops, and not the frequency of service at those stops. Also keep in mind that it appears that the BRT data does not have all stops assigned yet.

Red indicates an increase in accessibility, Blue indicates a decrease in accessibility.


Above: Change from 2017 to 2018


Above: Change from 2018 to BRT

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